Katie (thechampion87) wrote,

Survey From 01/02/07

Name: Katie
Birthdate: September 24, 1989
Birthplace: Laconia, NH
Current location: NH
Eyes:Light Green
Height: 5'5"ish
Righty or Lefty: Righty
Zodiac Sign: Libra

Your heritage: Scottish, Irish
Your weakness: foood
Your shoes you wore today: chocolate uggs
Your fears: failing, dying, and not finding the right guy
Your perfect pizza: plain cheese greek pizza
Goal you'd like to achieve: lose 10 pounds by summer

Your thoughts first waking up: i wanna go back to sleep
Your best physical feature: i dk my eyes even though they're pretty boring
Your bedtime: dont have one
Your most missed memory: maybe summer 2003 golf carting with amanda and hanging out at jeans

Pepsi or Coke: neither
McDonald's or Burger King: either
Single or group dates: single
Adidas or Nike: Adidas
Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: i forget
Chocolate or vanilla: both
Cappuccino or coffee: both

Smoke: no
Cuss: yeah
Sing: yes...badly
Take showers daily: not every daily lol
Have a crush: no
Think you've been in love: no
Want to go college: yess
Want to get married: yeesss
Believe in yourself: ocassionally
Get motion sickness: sometimes
Think you're attractive: no
Think you're a health freak: nope
Get along with your parents: most of the time
Like thunderstorms: no
Play an instrument: no

Layer.six - in the past month
Gone to the mall: Yes
Eaten an entire box of Oreos: no
Eaten sushi: no
Been on stage: no
Gone skating: no
Made homemade cookies: like not from scratch but from the box
Gone skinny dipping: no its winter
Dyed your hair: no
Stolen anything: no

Layer.seven -ever
Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: not extremly
Been called a tease: not that i can think of
Got beaten up: by my little brother ahaha how sad

Age you hoped to be married: early to mid 20's
Number and name of children: 4...dont know the names but i want 2 boys and 2 girls
Dream wedding: outdoors in june with water falls and soooo many flowers, and a pastel color scheme...moderate size
How do you want to die: old, happy, fulfilled, and in my sleep
Where do you want to attend college: somewhere where i can commute
Dream job: uhh i dont know
Country you want to visit: Italy, Bora Bora, Australia

Layer.nine - In a guy/girl...
Best eye color: Blue
Best hair color: Brown or blonde
Short or long hair: Short
Height: tall...at least 6'0
Best weight: muscular...not fat
Best clothing: abercrombie...ae...hollister
Best first date location: cant be dinner...i get too nervous to eat...somewhere fun but still quiet like mini golfing
Best first kiss location: in the car after the guy drops you off

Number of drugs taken illegally: none
Number of people I could trust with my life: like 4 or 5
Number of CDs that I own: i dont know
Number of piercings: 2 in each ear , belly button
Number of tattoos: none
Number of times my name's been in the news: umm like in the paper for honor roll
Number of scars on my body: like 1
Number of things in my past that I regret: um i dk i kinda regret obsessing over justin for so long

~movie you rented = um me and amanda rented laguna beach but thats a show
~movie you bought = i dont know
~song you listened to = i dont remember
~song that was stuck in your head = how do i breathe
~cd you bought = i dont know
~cd you listened to = probably bsb or carrie underwood in amandas car
~person you've called = tiela
~person that's called you = amanda
~tv show you've watched = antm
~person you were thinking of = amanda
~ noise you heard?: the humming of the computer
~ smell you sniffed?: i dk
~ time you went out of state/province?: day after xmas i went to Ct...new years eve i went from CT to mass then back to CT...then new years day back to mass
~time hugged: tonight
~chair sat in: this computer chair
~shirt worn: rue 21 cami and ae overshirt
~time dancing: i forget
~poster looked at: i dk

~you have a crush on someone = not really
~you wish you could live somewhere else =sometimes
~you think about suicide = no
~you believe in online dating =not really
~others find you attractive = rarely anymore
~you want more piercings = id get a nose ring...but i prob never will...im all set with mine
~you like cleaning = no
~you like roller coasters = no
~you write in cursive or print =print

~ long distance relationships = Against...too hard unless its meant to work out then i guess it would
~ using someone = Against
~ suicide = Against
~Violence = against unless nescessary
~ teenage smoking = Against
~ driving drunk = AGAINST OBVIOUSLY
~ gay/lesbian relationships = For
~ soap operas = For

~ shampoo do you use = paul mitchell super skinny
~ shoes do you wear = my uggz and my uggs
~ are you scared of = never finding "the one"

~ of times I have been in love? = 0
~ of times I have had my heart broken? = 2
~ of hearts I have broken? = 0
~ of girls I have kissed? = 0
~ of boys I have kissed? = 1
~ of girls I've slept with? = 0
~ of boys I've slept with? = 0

~ pretty –no
~ funny - sometimes
~ hot – no
~ friendly – no
~ amusing – sometimes
~ ugly - sometimes
~ loveable – yeah
~ caring - yes
~ sweet – yes
~ dorky - yes

~5 letter word: poopy...no really but it sounds funny
~actor/actress:that hottie in PS I Love You and Ryan Phillippe...Rachel McAdams
~Candy: Cotton candy
~Cartoon: umm i dont have one
~Cereal: i like never even eat ceral anymore...i like resses puffs
~Chewing gum: cotton candy bubblicious
~Color(s): pink
~Color nail polish: pink
~Day of week: Saturday
~Least favorite day: Monday or sunday
~Flower: hibiscus
~Jell-O flavor: i dont like jello
~Jewelry: rings, pearls
~Special skills/talents: none
~Summer/Winter: summer
~Trampolines or swimming pools: both
~type of kiss: passionate
~type of hug: long and tight
~piercing: belly button
~hair color: natural brunette or blonde
~website: facebook.com
~TV channel: mtv
~radio station: 94.1 in nh...kiss 108 and 94.5 in mass
~comedian: jerry seinfeld
~shirt you own?: hollister sweater
~pants you own?: um i dk
~city: new york
~thing to do by yourself: go on the computer...watch tv..
~thing to do with friends: shop, go to the beach, party, go out to dinner
~friend: amanda and amanda b and tiela

~Slept in your bed: me
~Saw you cry: my mom
~Made you cry: ehh myself
~You went to the movies with: amanda
~Yelled at you: my mom prob
~Sent you an email: amanda

~Said "I love you" and meant it?: to my family and friends
~Gone out in public in your pajamas: yes
~Kept a secret from everyone: no
~Cried during a movie: yes!
~Ever at anytime owned new kids on the block stuff: no
~Planned your week based on the TV Guide: no
~Been on stage: yeah
~Been to New York: yeah
~Been to California: i want to go
~Hawaii: ""
~China: no
~Canada: yes
~Europe: no but i REALLY want to go
~Asia: no
~South America: no...want to
~Australia: no but someday i will
~Wished you were the opposite sex: only when i have cramps
~Thought you were going to die: not seriously...but when me and amanda bryson almost got hit by another car
~Wanted to Run away: yeah
~Flunked a grade: no
~Skipped a grade: no
~ cried over a girl = yes
~ cried over a boy = yes
~ lied to someone = yes
~ been in a fist fight = no
~ been arrested = no

~Apples or bananas?: apples
~Blue or red?: blue
~Walmart or target?: target
~Spring or Fall?: Spring
~What are you gonna do after you finish this?: i dk maybe play the sims
~What was the last meal you ate?: mcdonalds cheese burger
~High school or college?: idk ive only had high school

~Do you believe in love at first sight?: no
~Do you want children one day & if so, how many?: yeah 2-4
~Most important thing to you in a friendship is: umm trust

~Criminal record?: none
~Do you speak any other languages?: some french
~Last book you read: probably a Gossip Girl
~Name some of your favorite things in your bedroom?: my bed, my pictures, my perfumes
~Thing you dislike about yourself the most: my low self confidence
~Worst feeling in the world: hopelessnes
~Who you love: my parents, my friends, my family
~Who you miss:ummm not really anyone

~Nickname(s): Flo, flof
~Initials: KFM
~How old do you look?: i dk hopefully 18 at least
~How old do you act?: sometimes my age...sometimes younger sometimes older
~Glasses/Contacts: none
~Braces: no
~Do you have any pets?: a rat lol
~You get embarrassed: not often
~What makes you happy?: summer, friends, shopping, the beach, warm weather, good food
~What upsets you?: being bored, boys, stress, low sef confidence

~Are You In A Relationship?: no
~If Not Would You Like To Be?: yes
~Would You Do Anything For Someone You Loved?: yes
~Would They Do Anything For You?: yes
~Is It Love Or Lust?: nothing at the moment

Finish the sentence:
I Love to...go out with my friends
I Miss... summer
I Wish... i knew what i was doing next year
I Hope...i find someone whoes good to me
I'm Annoyed by...my stupid neck
I Am... fat
I Want to Be...10 pounds lighter
I Would Never...fuck someone over like jason did to me
I'd Rather...be tanning
I Am Tired of...being mad at jason
I Will Always be...happy that i met jason
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