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So I'm 18 today. Wooohooo!!! I pretty much celebrated my birthday last weekend with Amanda and Alex. They came to my school on Friday to pick me up and then we went to Chillis and we got some dessert. Funnn. So then we went home and got settled in. Then I went with Alex and Jess my neighbor to go get a cake for that night at shaws. We wanted a Carvel and Amanda wanted the cookie puss kind, but the girl at shaws clearly had no idea what that was so we just wrote happy birthday cookie puss on it instead. So after we got the cake we went to Jeans for a little bit, then we went home and had cake and presents. Amanda and Alex got me giftcards to Abercrombie and Hollister. Oh and Amanda also got me this nice victoria secret body spray and lotion. Then we all went swimming...sort of lol.

Saturday we went to Katie Flo's for breakfast, then we came home and did homework...me and amanda did my creation project and made this hilarious world where jason and pete were the devils...it was really great. Then we went to the Outlets to get crowns and we went to Applebees and me amanda and even alex wore crowns, it was really funny. Then we went to see Good Luck Chuck which was the funniest movie I have seen in such a long time.

Sunday I went to work and then we just hung out until Amanda and Alex left. Thennnn I went to the American Idol concert...the last show of their tour. It was sooooo awesome the seats were pretty good, and everyone was sooooo good. Blake and Chris looked AMAZING and then at the end when people were leaving they all like stayed on stage for a little while and I got to go up really close...i swear chris looked right at me...ahhh i loved it.
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