Katie (thechampion87) wrote,

(1) Your gender: female
(2) Straight/gay/bi?: straight
(3) Single?: yes
(4) Want to be?: no
(5) Your birth day: sept 24 1989
(6) Act your age: usually
(7) Age you wish you were: 21
(8) Your height: 5'5
(9) The color of your eyes: lightish green i guess
(10) Happy with it?: i dont hate it
(11) The color of your hair: Brunette
(12) Happy with it?: the color
(13) Left/right/ambidextrous?: right
(14) Your living arrangement?: mom, dad and little brother
(27) Your family: Mom, Dad, Adam
(29) What's your job: bus girl at katie flo's
(30) Piercings?: 2 in each ear, belly button
(31) Tattoos?: no
(32) Obsessions?: i dk none
(35) Do you speak another language? some french but i cant really remember much of it
(36) Have a favorite quote?: i like this part of a song...baby dont go by fabolous.."it‘s ok to lose your pride over someone you love, but Don’t lose someone you love tho over your pride"
(37) Do you have a webpage?: no

DEEP THOUGHTS about life and you in it
(38) Do you live in the moment?: sometimes
(39) Do you consider yourself tolerant of others?: yes
(40) Do you have any secrets?: no
(41) Do you hate yourself?: sometimes...i working on not
(42) Do you like your handwriting?: nooope
(43) Do you have any bad habits?: yes
(44) What is the compliment you get most from people?: haven't gotten one of those lately
(45) If a movie was made about your life, what would it be called?: i dont really know
(46) What's your biggest fear?: never getting married or ending up divorced
(47) Can you sing: no
(48) Do you ever pretend to be someone else just to look cool?: no
(49) Are you a loner?: not really
(51) If you were another person, would you be friends with you?: yeah, but id have to know me
(52) Are you a daredevil?: no
(53) Is there anything you fear or hate about yourself?: i hate how low my self confidence is, how shy i am, and how dependent i am
(54) Are you passive or aggressive?: usually passive
(55) Have you got a ?: no, you're supposed to come up with the questions
(56) What is your greatest strength and weakness? i guess my greatest strength is knowing what i need to change about myself...my greatest weakness is getting attched so easily and having low self confidence
(57) If you could change one thing about yourself?: i would be confident
(58) There are three wells, love, beauty and creativity, which one do you choose?: love
(59) How do you vent?: crying by myself
(60) Do you think you are emotionally strong?: no
(61) Is there anything you regret doing/not doing in life?: not really
(62) Do you think life has been good so far?: its had its ups and downs but overall its been pretty good
(63) What is the most important lesson you've learned from life?: let go when you know its for the best
(64) What do you like the most about your body?: uhhh....
(65) And least?: my butt and my stomache, my hair and my face
(66) Do you think you are good looking?: no
(67) Are you confident?: no
(68) What is the fictional character you're most like?: uhhh i dont know
(69) Do people know how you feel?: some of them
(70) Are you perceived wrongly?: by some people
(71) Smoke?: no
(72) Do drugs?: no
(73) Read the newspaper?: no
(74) Pray?: hardly ever
(75) Go to church? no
(76) Talk to strangers who IM you?: yeah when it happens which is rarely
(77) Sleep with stuffed animals?: no...i should though i <3 them
(78) Take walks in the rain?: sometimes
(79) Talk to people even though you hate them?: i only hate one person and i dont talk to him
(80) Drive?: not often
(81) Like to drive fast?: yeah when im not driving
(82) Liked your voice?: yes
(83) Hurt yourself?: yeah
(84) Been out of the country?: to canada
(85) Eaten something that made other people sick?: um i cant think of anything...i like warm milk...most people dont but thats a drink
(86) Burped?: um yeah i think i've done that before
(87) Been unfaithful?: no
(88) Been in love?: no
(89) Done drugs?: no
(90) Gone skinny dipping?: yahhh love it
(92) Had a surgery?: no.
(93) Ran away from home?: no
(94) Played strip poker: no
(95) Gotten beaten up?: no
(97) Been picked on?: yes
(98) Been on stage?: yeah
(99) Been so drunk that you know you're supposed to go out on a date with someone, but you can't remember with who or when and that you faint when you look at yourself in the mirror in the morning, not to mention your breath?: no
(100) Slept outdoors?: yeah in a tent
(101) Thought about suicide?: ive thought about how sad it would be
(102) Pulled an all-nighter?: mmm i guess
(103) If yes, what is your record?: like around 4 am
(105) Talked on the phone all night?: dont think so
(106) Slept together with the opposite sex without actually having sex?: no
(107) Slept all day?: yes
(108) Killed someone?: not lately
(109) Made out with a stranger?: no
(110) Had sex with a stranger?: no
(111) Thought you're going crazy?: yes
(112) Kissed the same sex?: yes
(113) Done anything sexual with the same sex?: no
(114) Been betrayed?: yes
(115) Had a dream that came true?: parts of my dreams sometimes come true
(117) Met a famous person?: LANCE BASS!
(118) Have you ever killed an animal by accident?: no
(146) Stolen anything?: no
(147) Been on radio/TV.?: the radio
(148) Been in a mosh-pit?: no
(149) Had a nervous breakdown?: kind of
(151) Been criticized about your sexual performance?: no
(152) Bungee jumped?: no
(153) Had a dream that kept coming back?: yes

CLOTHES and other fashion
(154) Shoe brand?: uggs
(155) Brand of clothing?: abercrombie and hollister
(156) Cologne/perfume?: dkny be delicious
(157) What are you normally wearing to school/work?: jeans a cute shirt, and brown uggs
(159) Wear hats?: no
(161) Wear make-up?: yes
(162) Favorite place to shop?: Hollister
(163) Favorite article of clothing?: shirts
(164) Are you trendy?: i follow the trends...so i guess thats a yes
(165) Would you rather wear a uniform to school?: No

(166) Believe in life on other planets?: could be
(167) Miracles?: possibly
(168) Astrology?: no
(169) Magic?: no
(170) God?: yes
(171) Satan?: no
(172) Santa?: i wish :(
(173) Ghosts?: yes
(174) Luck?: sort of
(175) Love at first sight?: no
(176) Yin and Yang?: the ying yang twinnnnns
(177) Witches?: no
(178) Easter bunny?: no
(179) Believe it's possible to remain faithful forever?: yes
(180) Believe there's a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?: no
(181) Do you wish on stars?: shooting stars

LOVE, and all that
(182) Did you get frightened or uncomfortable seeing that as a section title?: no lol
(183) Do you remember your first love?:didnt have one yet but i remember all the gay little middle school boyfriends, and the one i really liked, annnd other guys ive had little flings with...wait ive only had 1 fling...but its more than a fling
(184) Still love him/her?: n/a
(185) Do you consider love a mistake?: no
(186) What do you find romantic?:lots of things
(187) Turn-on?: toned body...boston accent (yummy)...new york accent, protectivness, and preppy clothes...ooh cologne
(188) Turn-off?: cockyness, gothic looking, flamboyantness
(189) Do you base your judgment on looks alone: no
200) If someone you had no interest in dating expressed interest in dating you, how would you feel?: bad.....sorry...like oh shiiiit
(201) Do you prefer knowing someone before dating or going "blind"?: knowing someone
(202) Have you ever wished it was more "socially acceptable" for a girl to ask a guy out?: no im too traditional and shy
(203) Have you ever been romantically attracted to someone physically unattractive?: ummm well at the time i thought they were physically attractive..so no
(204) Do you think the opposite sex finds you good looking?: some
(205) What is best about the opposite sex?: its hard to put my finger on it idk
(206) What is the worst thing about the opposite sex?: when theyre playyasss
(207) What's the last present someone gave you? last present? like a guy? ummm a present? heart locket
(208) Are you in love?: no
(209) Do you consider your significant other hot?: dont have one...but the closest thing to it...smokinnnn
(210) What would you do if you were walking down the street and saw some hot guy/girl standing on the sidewalk?: try to look them in the eye to get their attention

(211) That haunted you?: umm i dk
(212) You wanted to kill?: new york from flavor of love haha
(213) That you laughed at?: ummm i dont know prob tiela
(214) That laughed at you?: tiela or sam
(215) That turned you on?: jason
(216) You went shopping with?: idk...amanda peloso?
(217) That broke your heart?: umm justin i think
(218) To disappoint you?: hmmm i dk
(219) To ask you out?: like on a date? jason...but out out? i think billy
(220) To make you cry?: ummm i dk but the last time i cried was prob cause i missed jason
(221) To brighten up your day?: idk
(222) That you thought about?: jason
(223) You saw a movie with?: amanda peloso
(224) You talked to on the phone?: my mom
(225) You talked to through IM?: uhh i have no idea
(226) You saw?: my mom
(227) You lost?: i dk
(229) You thought was completely insane?: ms. barry haha
(230) You wanted to be?: ummm some people on my super sweet 16
(231) You told off?: i dk
(232) You trusted?: all my friends...and i still do
(233) You turned down?: i think billy oconnel

(234) Smiled?: earlier in this survey
(235) Laughed?: today
(236) Cried?: i dk...and thats a good thing
(237) Bought something?: i bought dinner at unos on thursday
(238) Danced?: dont remember
(239) Were sarcastic?: idk
(240) hugged someone?: today
(241) Talked to an ex?: dk
(242) Watched your fave movie?: not in a long long time
(243) Had a nightmare?: umm i dk
(245) Talked on the phone?: earlier this morning
(246) Listened to the radio?: umm on the bus on friday i guess
(247) Watched TV?: a little while ago
(248) Went out?: thursday
(249) Helped someone?: idk friday maybe
(250) Were mean?: umm i dont know
(251) Sang?: dk
(252) Saw a movie in a theater?: over xmas break
(253) Said "I love you"?: idk
(254) Missed someone?: today
(255) Fought with a family member?: idk
(256) Fought with a friend?: idk
(257) Had a serious conversation?: i dk
(258) Got drunk?: never
(259) Had sex?: never

--You and the Basics--
1.name: Katie
2.birthday: 9/24/89
3.age: 16
4. haircolor: brown
5. eye color: greenyish
6. personality: shy, girly, funny, good listener, likes to have fun, not too wild
7.nervous habits: playing with my hair
8. are you double jointed: no
9. can you roll your toung: yeah
10. can you raise one eyebrow at a time:no
11. can you blow spit bubbles: yesss omgxzzzz i love to
12. can you cross your eyes: no ew
13.tatoos: none
14. piercings and where: 2 in each ear
15. screenname: xxkatiexx4650

--Get Physical--
1. type your name with your eyes closed: jatie...damn it
2. type your name with your elbow:katie...wooot
3. type your name with your toe:katie..im doin good
4. with your non-dominent hand only turned around: wtf? fine hatie...pretty close
5.open a book to page 8. what is the 7th word from the bottom: provinces
6. look or listen to the tv or radio. whats on?: i think my brother's watching monster house or something

--Do You--
1. eat spam or potted meat? gross no
2.type with one hand only: no
3. wear the smae peice of jelwery everyday?: yeahh
4. twirl or cut your spaghetti? no
5. ususally approach your crush or keep it low? keep it on the dl son
6. have a mole anywhere on your face? no
7. write with your left hand or right hand? right
8. cut up all your meat then eat it, or cut up one at a time? it gets cut up first
9. carry more than 10 dollars with you on an average day: yeah
10. have blue eyes? no
11. have a swimming pool? no a lake
12. sing really well? no
13. stay on the computer more than an hour at a time on average: yeah
14. wear thongs everyday? no
15. like rock music: sometimes

--Either Or--
1. rock or rap: rap
2. chinese or mexican: mexican
3. coke or pepsi: do i have to choose? ehh their both gross...i'll go w/ coke its classic
4. straight or curly: straight
5. guy friends or girl friends: girls
6. ludacris or 50 cent: i think i'll go with luda
7. guitar or drums: ummm guitar
8. chocolate or vanilla: hmmm toughy...it depends what it is..but i do love vanilla
9. hot dog or corn dog: corn dog i think
10. mustard or ketchup: ketchup
11. beach or mountains: beach
12. beef or chicken: chicken
13. me or you: ME
14. boxers or briefs: boxers
15. panties or thongs: pannnnties

clothes:a maternity-like shirt, my brown gap sweatshirt, black trackpants
taste: nothing
smell: none
hairstyle: up, wet, curly
music: none
perfume: none
nail color: like the chipping remains of my french manicure
hated song on the radio:ughh that KT tunstall song...what is it...ahhh i forget
crush: jay jay...hahaha nope thats not gonna be his nickname

1. Where do you shop? ae a lot
2. What do you usually wear? jeans and a cute shirt
3. Shoes? sketcher boots, steve maddens, uggz
4. Do you wear a watch? no
5. Color you never wear: orange
6. Color you wear at least once a week: pink
7. Something you wear everyday: uhh jeans
8. Make up essential? eyeliner
9. Most cherished piece of clothing? my af cami or my thermal ae shirt
10. You wouldn't be caught wearing: leggings
11.Do you wear belts? hardly ever
12. DO you wear hats? no
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