Katie (thechampion87) wrote,

So I've been feeling bad about myself lately so I figured I'd post some summer essentials to make myself feel better...even though I'm broke. If I feel like it I might update at some point with why I feel like such shit. I cant believe senior year's almost over though. I have senioritis so bad. Like instead of stressing about school I'm stressing about how I'm not caught up on Gossip Girl, The Hills, OR Antm. But anyway


A&F Veronica Tank-$18.90

A&F Anna Tank $18.90

A&F Cindy Tank $18.90

A&F Ashley Tee $18.90

A&F Jill Tank $49.50

A&F Humor Tee $24.50

A&F Lesley Fleece $59.50

A&F Sophie Shorts $49.50

Embellished Rubber Flip FLops $39.50

A&F Kids Classic Rubber Flip Flops $15.50

AE Favorite Short $29.50

AE Sterling 3-Shell Necklace $17.50

AE Sparkle and Star Earrings $15.50

AE Garden Sundress $19.95

HCO Surfer's Knoll $24.50

HCO Alcazzar Tee $17.50

HCO San Clemente $17.50

HCO Mission Beach Hoodie $39.50

HCO Cabrillo Beach Shorts $34.50

Beach Sexy-Floral Triangle Top-$36.00 Bottomss-$15.00

Beach Sexy Sliding Halter Top-$15.00 Bottoms-$15.00

Beach Sexy Adjustable Trianle Top-$15.00 Bottoms-$15.00

Ruffled Triangle Bikini Set-$36.00
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